About Us


DOT was born out of love and tenderness for babies and children. Inspired by fashion trends with a very personal touch, the DOT collection includes a range of products carefully chosen for your baby, which you can browse through without having to leave the comfort of your home.

Four mothers, from Portugal, found a gap in the market. There seemed to be a lack of affordable stylish, comfortable and practical baby and childrens clothes. All heavily involved in the design and production, together they make the dreams of many mothers a reality by bringing elegance and comfort to their children. 

Getting ready for the arrival of the new baby is an important step for a family and for that very reason DOT created a collection that will spoil your baby up until the age of twelve. Beautiful, high quality and comfortable clothes made with special attention to detail, the DOT collection will ensure the maximum cosyness for your baby. Once your child is born and your time becomes limited there will be nothing easier than to order your baby’s clothes online at DOT.